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From his university days studying Computer Technology, Daniel James was enamored with the art of magic. By 18, this Manchester magician embarked on a self-taught journey, never seen without his trusted deck of cards. His practice, perseverance, and passion, fast-tracked his growth in the world of magic.

By his early twenties, the bustling streets of Liverpool witnessed his mesmerizing acts, serving as the perfect canvas for refining his magical artistry. By 25, this Manchester Magician’s enthralling performances had taken him to global stages, from the sunny coasts of Greece and Spain to the vibrant atmosphere of Florida, positioning him firmly amongst the top magic performers in the UK.

Today, recognized as a leading UK magical talent, Daniel James offers an unparalleled blend of visual magic and mind reading, imbued with a modern twist. Perfect for an array of events—be it festivals, weddings, private parties, charity galas, or corporate functions.

Seeking a mesmerizing act for your next event? Look no further than Daniel James, the premier Manchester Magician, and immerse your guests in a world of wonder!

“My dream is to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, one card trick at a time.”


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Make your special day truly enchanting by inviting Manchester’s premier magician to be a part of your celebrations! As two hearts unite in a dance of eternal love, the addition of a touch of magic can elevate the atmosphere to a realm of wonder. The union of souls is a magical event in itself; complement it with spellbinding illusions and moments that will leave your guests in awe. In an event brimming with emotion, laughter, and joy, ensure your wedding stands out as a day when the impossible felt possible, making your love story even more unforgettable.

Why Add Magic to Your Wedding?

  • Personalized Experience: Tailored magic performances to align with your wedding theme and ambiance.
  • Interactive Fun: Engage your guests during the cocktail hour or while photographs are being taken.
  • Memorable Moments: Leave your guests talking about the unique magical moments they witnessed at your wedding for years to come.
  • Ideal for All Ages: Magic is universal and brings joy to both young and old, ensuring every guest is entertained.

Our Wedding Magic Services Include:

  • Close-up Magic: Intimate, jaw-dropping illusions performed right before your eyes and in the hands of your guests.
  • Table-to-Table Performances: As your guests settle in for their meal, they’ll be entertained with unique magical performances at each table.
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In the world of corporate events, it’s essential to leave a lasting impression. Why settle for the ordinary when you can introduce a spark of extraordinary? Introducing Manchester’s leading magician, blending the world of business with the art of illusion.

Why Magic for Corporate Events?

  • Engaging Entertainment: In between seminars or during cocktails, magic acts as a perfect icebreaker, ensuring everyone’s energy remains high.
  • Customized Performances: Every business has its story. Our acts can be tailored to mirror your brand’s message or theme of the event.
  • Memorable Moments: A successful event is one that’s remembered. Magical experiences linger in the mind, ensuring your event is talked about long after the curtains close.

Our Corporate Magic Services Offer:

  • Close-up Magic: Direct, captivating performances that draw your guests in, making them feel a part of the magic.
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Birthdays & Private Events

Every celebration is a cherished memory in the making, be it a landmark birthday or a private soirée. Elevate these moments with Manchester’s preeminent magician, fusing joy and wonder into an unforgettable spectacle!

Why Infuse Magic into Your Private Celebrations?

  • Distinctive Entertainment: Set your event apart from the rest with captivating performances that captivate and charm.
  • Universal Delight: Magic transcends age and background, ensuring every guest — from kids to grandparents — is enchanted.
  • Interactive and Memorable: Beyond mere observation, immerse your guests in a world where they laugh, participate, and remain in awe.

Our Services for Birthdays and Private Events Include:

  • Customized Acts: Tailored performances that resonate with the guest of honor, spotlighting their special day or event.
  • Close-up Magic: Intimate illusions that spark conversations and astonish even the most skeptical attendees.
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Bars & Restaurants
In the competitive world of bars and restaurants, standing out is essential. Let Manchester’s leading magician bring a unique flavor to your establishment, turning every meal and drink into an extraordinary experience — and an unforgettable review!

Why Integrate Magic at Your Venue?

  • Boosted Patron Engagement: Magic adds an interactive dimension to the dining or drinking experience, ensuring guests are entertained beyond their plates and glasses.
  • Encourage Positive Reviews: Delighted and surprised customers are more inclined to leave glowing reviews, enhancing your online reputation.
  • Enhanced Word-of-Mouth: A magician’s touch can transform a regular night out into a memorable event, leading to recommendations and return visits.

Our Magic Services for Bars and Restaurants Feature:

  • Table-to-Table Magic: Allow patrons to enjoy close-up illusions while waiting for their orders or between courses.
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